VIshnu Sheep & Goat Farm, Tokenahalli Village

Its the Bright One,Its the Right one, That's Vishnu Sheep & Goat Farm

We're the Wholesale Supplier for Sheep, Goat & Meat


Sheep and goat rearing is traditional occupation of economically weaker sections of society, particularly in rain shadow areas. These two species have been a major source of economic sustenance and financial cushioning, this section of society.


Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business, from analyzing the market, confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery, raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements.


The small animals are the most efficient converters of farm and crop residues into excellent organic manure. Several farmers have successfully run stall-fed goat farms and they have found that such an integrated farming venture.


Each can have potentially adverse impacts on productivity if managed poorly and because producers have a duty of care to their livestock. If not upheld, these issues have the potential to reflect badly on the whole industry.


Goat & Sheep Farm give lot of attention when it comes to precautionary healthcare. Animals should to be examined and trimmed a minimum of 30 days. The annual vaccination to safeguard towards various diseases.


It is essential that producers understand the management practices that assist in maximizing returns. was formed with the aim & objectives to improve the various breeds of goats, and especially to develop those qualities and valued.

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